High Quality Mineral Makeup

Fresh Minerals is one of the most popular brands for high end mineral makeup worldwide. Mineral makeup and mineral foundation are recommended cosmetics not only by top makeup artists but also from authoritative cosmetics scientists and leading dermatologists.

What is Mineral Makeup?

Mineral Makeup or mineral cosmetics are line of makeup products which contain mostly minerals like titanium, iron and zinc oxides. Mineral makeup doesn’t contain preservatives, fragrances, parabens, oils, chemicals and artificial colors. These facts make mineral makeup healthier than traditional makeup and perfect for women with sensitive skin. The whole line of mineral foundation powders made by freshMinerals contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which are providing SPF20 protection from the harmful UV rays.

Mineral Makeup made in USA

Our line of mineral cosmetics is made in USA, using only the best materials sourced from the most experienced suppliers. Knowing this - We can always guarantee the best quality. The whole production process is controlled by the highest standards in the cosmetic industry. We know how our products are made, where are made and which materials and ingredients are used. This makes freshMinerals not only one of the best sources for high end mineral cosmetics, but also strong supporter of our economy and creator of jobs in USA.