freshMinerals mineral cosmetics are the most simple and natural product you can put on your skin. The powder foundation contains a mixture of natural minerals and pigments which help to protect against aging, smooth out blemish areas of the skin, and contain skin rejuvenating benefits. The ingredients in fresh minerals protect the skin against harmful environmental pollutants and UVA rays, without clogging pores. Since freshMinerals are free of harmful fillers contained in the majority of cosmetic products on the market, it is the healthier way for a more beautiful you.

Features and Benefits:

- natural look

freshMinerals foundations are ideally applied on the skin and gives a natural color, shine and impeccable smoothness, which can not be achieved using conventional cosmetics. Unlike conventional cosmetics, freshMinerals does not create the effect of the face “mask”, but it perfects the skin tone while maintaining its natural look. All the tonal resources of freshMinerals can be mixed together to achieve the desired tone.

- stability and long lasting freshness

Mineral pigments clean and moisturize the skin, keeping the freshness of the day. It perfectly blends with the skin, absorbing excess oil. Brand products of freshMinerals are waterproof so the makeup is kept all day without re-application. freshMinerals powder can even be used while swimming.

- useful for sensitive skin

Thanks to its natural origin, ingredients, mineral-based freshMinerals cosmetics are suitable even for sensitive skin.

- Anti-inflammatory effects

Mineral based cosmetics containing ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide prevent inflammatory processes. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons recommend mineral makeup to patients who have undergone laser therapy, plastic surgery or to patients suffering from skin cracks or dryness.

- contains only natural ingredients

freshMinerals products do not contain fats, flavors, talc, chemical and synthetic elements, artificial colors, fillers and binders. freshMinerals foundations do not clog skin pores. They are designed and created in order to allow your skin to breathe all day long.

- natural protection from the sun

Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are natural, enhanced protection from the sun. All freshMinerals s powders includes SPF 20.

- “no” acne

freshMinerals cosmetics are ideal for people with skin problems like acne, atopic dermatitis, etc.

Key Ingredients

For Colors

Iron Oxides – A natural compound of iron combined with oxygen. Safe and gentle for skin and found in a variety of colors
Mica – Imparts a smooth, silky feel with excellent skin adhesion, high coverage and long wearing properties.

For Sun Protection

Micronized Zinc Oxide – Blocks UV rays and naturally soothes skin
Titanium Dioxide – Offers UV sun protection and anti-bacterial properties

History of freshMinerals make up

In the distant year 2000, to meet the high standards for the needs of sensitive skin, our pharmacy house in Washington made powders which were sold only in a hospital for a patients after plastic surgery . This loose powder foundation is identical to today’s FM products.
The idea for decorative cosmetics based on minerals happened in the year 2004. In the preparation of freshMinerals testing of the loose powder was done on 5000 children. The success of our pharmacy house is that their children’s skin FM made no irritation at all.
In 2007 held the first promotion of freshMinerals which was presented the entire line of products. Many lines are not natural or they have very limited natural line. freshMinerals are pure natural products. The minerals in FM are in so small size so they actually allow the skin to breath.
Now freshMinerals is available for every woman how wants to prevent the natural functioning of the skin because FM is 100% natural cosmetics based on minerals and earth pigments. Colors are available in a combination of earth pigments.
Our factory in Lake Worth Florida is on high standards for quality of production and medical check and approval of products.